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Who We Are & What We Do

Navigating life’s unexpected transitions, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or even your long-awaited retirement, is challenging enough without having to worry about how these changes impact your finances. At RJL Financial, we’re here to help. 

As your partners in financial planning, we can help mitigate the stress that transitions may cause by working together to create a financial plan that gives you confidence and comfort. Here’s a bit more information on who we are and how we help our clients achieve financial peace of mind.

Jerry Clark - Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, RJL Financial Group helps clients discover the 4 Financial Priorities that lead to a strong financial future. Our mission is to change the way people think about financial planning, particularly retirement planning, by providing sound financial strategies and a solid foundation for clients to live free from anxiety and stress about money.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive financial strategies to help clients navigate all of life’s transitions. This includes tackling issues like:

How to preserve assets

How to draw down income in an efficient and safe way

How to reduce tax bills

Navigating beneficiary assignments

Legacy planning

No matter what your retirement plan currently looks like, we can help you make the most of your money and maximize your golden years.

How We Can Help

Our approach to retirement planning is unique. We focus on mitigating taxes as the first step in our process. After that, we look at how to maximize your income streams to make sure you won’t run out of money. And only after both those steps are complete will we look at your investments.


This is different from other advisors who often focus on investments without much regard for the tax side of things. At RJL, we recognize that taxes are the biggest threat to a sustainable retirement plan and so we put most of our effort in reducing your tax bill.

RJL Financial - How We Help
RJL Financial - Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We work with married couples who are retired or getting ready to retire, recently widowed or divorced women, and business owners looking to reduce their tax burden. Our clients usually have a hands-off mentality to money management because they trust us to take care of their finances and make their goals a reality. They leave us in charge of their finances while they are empowered to enjoy life. As a former pro golfer, it’s always a bonus if my clients like to play golf!

The RJL Difference

At RJL, we do life with our clients. We’re not just money managers or a large firm of advisors who only think of clients as a number on a page. Instead, we get to know our clients on a deep and personal level, remembering birthdays, family members, and big life events. 

This sets us apart from other firms and continually brings clients back to us when they need someone they can trust to look after their finances. We put 100% of our time into our clients, and we’re not here to sell products or convince them to work with us.

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

What it comes down to: At RJL Financial Group we have the best tools, technology, and resources to help you make important financial decisions. We do all this so you can experience total peace of mind knowing your finances are one of the few things in life you no longer have to worry about. Schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking below, calling us at (201) 612-6626 or emailing info@rjlusa.net  to get started today!

About Jerry

Jerry Clark is the Founder and Principal at RJL Financial Group, an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to supporting and empowering their clients so they can enjoy life without financial worry. With more than 20 years of experience, Jerry specializes in guiding his clients through transitions, whether that be retirement, divorce, or widowhood. His tailored services and strategies help set clients up for the retirement they dream of, overcoming challenges and taking advantage of opportunities along the way. Jerry is a former golf pro who would play every day if he could! Inspired by his sports coaching background, he aims to motivate and empower pre-retirees and retirees to achieve predictable savings results, giving them the ability to feel secure about their future. Jerry is known for going the extra mile for his clients and building relationships that make his clients feel like family. 

When he’s not working (or playing golf), Jerry loves spending time with his wife, Lisa (whom he’s known for 40 years!), and their two grown daughters, Riley and Josie. You can often find him working or relaxing at his beach house in South Bethany, Delaware. To learn more about Jerry, connect with him on LinkedIn.