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Certainty Consultation

Walk into Retirement with Confidence

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Are you nearing or in Retirement?

If you can answer yes to these three requirements and have a desire to create financial certainty let's talk!


Preparing For or
In Retirement


Over 50
Years Old


$750,000+ in Retirement Assets

(Excluding Real Estate)

What can you expect during your 45-minute consultation?

1. There is no cost or obligation for this appointment.

2. It is a compact 45-minute appointment, as we want to provide value while also respecting your time.

3. You will walk away with answers to the two biggest questions we hear from clients.

How do I know if I am a good fit for a consultation?

Over 50+ Years Old

You are over 50 and want security in retirement, knowing that your savings and income will outlast you.

Wants an Expert's Help

You value having an expert to help you navigate creating a financial plan, and avoid common pitfalls.

$750,000+ in Assets

You have saved and accumulated $750,000 or more in income and assets, excluding real estate.


Schedule a Financial Certainty Consultation

Let's identify how much retirement income you need and create a plan that ensures your income will last your lifetime.

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It’s important to know what money you have to live on and make sure it lasts the rest of your life.

Schedule Your Financial Certainty Consultation

I’m here to help and provide you with a clear understanding of financial planning and how to get things in place. Sometimes the financial journey can be bumpy. As your financial planning partner, my job is to manage those bumps to ensure your portfolio provides you with the income you need to maintain your lifestyle.