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About RJL Financial

RJL Financial Group is one of the leading New Jersey independent financial advisory firms that specializes in wealth management for those entering into retirement or already retired. As Your Retirement Resource, RJL Financial Group offers progressive and comprehensive planning solutions that incorporate wealth accumulation, tax planning, wealth protection and preservation, risk reduction, income planning, inflation protection and estate planning strategies for the retirement years.


Your Retirement Resource

What we do for our clients

• Partner with you to become your “Retirement Guide”

• Preserve your lifestyle and standard of living into and through retirement

• Ensure you have stable, predictable, and often guaranteed income for the rest of your life

• Deliver Institutional Wealth Management to the Retail Investor

• Provide sufficient liquidity and access to cash in your portfolio when needed

• Eliminate or reduce excess volatility (stock market losses) in your retirement portfolio

• Reduce or eliminate taxes on Qualified IRA, 401K, 403B and 457 Plans

• Protect against catastrophic Long-Term Care costs if needed

• Maximize the value of your estate through Estate Planning and Financial Arbitrage

we will Always

• Treat you with dignity and respect

• Act in your best interest when making financial recommendations and giving advice

• Uphold our fiduciary standard legally, ethically, and morally

• Admit fault if we make a mistake or error, take ownership of it, make it right, and move forward

• Be accessible to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about us, or your plan

• Remember that you “hired us” to work hard for you to financially succeed

• Seek to grow in our expertise, experience and knowledge and will keep you up to date on changes or strategies that will benefit you

Let RJL Financial Group help you build confidence in your retirement strategy and realize the outcome you imagined for your retirement years. Take the next steps to becoming the authority on your retirement today by calling (201) 612-6626.






NJ Retirement Planner, Investment Advisor, Retirement Education, Free Consultation, Investment, Wealth Management, RJL Financial Group,Ridgewood



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